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ZEN keeps tutoring simple. Choose a plan that works for you. Consult with our Ivy-graduate tutors. Track your progress. Best of all, start and quit whenever.

How does ZEN work?

Book a call and discuss your academic goals.
Choose a service from our catalog.
That's it! Freely schedule a session and cancel whenever.

Membership Benefits

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Flexible and customizable

Get specialized tutoring in whatever subject you like.

Lightning Communication

Make last-minute schedule changes with a direct contact.

Fixed hourly rate

No surprises here! Pay the same fixed price each session.

Top-notch quality

Get tutored by top college graduates who were accepted to multiple Ivy League schools.

Hassle-free transactions

Add or reduce tutor hours as needed, and pause or cancel at anytime.

Unique and all yours

Each tutor plan is made especially for you and is 100% customizable.

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Membership Levels

Choose a plan that's right for you.

Tutor Plan
1 Hour Tutor session for a subject of choice
Guarantee the tutor has a degree in chosen topic from a Top 10 College
Trackable progress through analytics and personalized dashboard
Free study materials
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College Consulting
Step-by-step plan for building College Application
Thorough application breakdown by Harvard graduates during 1 Hour session
Essay reviews and edits
Suggestions and follow ups.
& a LOT more.
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Student testimonials

Check out what our program graduates think about our services!

"Loved the frequent communication and personalized tutoring. The admissions coaching was the best part. Really helped organize my ideas and get into my dream school. Thanks!"

David J.

Student, USC

"I signed up for the college consulting subscription for around 3 months. I loved it. My consultant read over 20 essays and left detailed feedback. The hourly sessions were just pure conversation about how I can improve and carefully tailor my applications."

Alice Y

Student, Boston College

"Definitely worth the price. I signed up for the tutoring AND consulting (only twice) sessions. Needless to say, I boosted my ACT score from 28 to 35 in 2 months and got into my dream college."

Sun H.

Student, Amherst College

Who We Are

Meet the Team

A quick look at our portfolio and what we're up to!

Jason Y
Tutor & Consultant

Jason is currently a student at Duke Law School after attaining a Social Studies degree from Harvard University. He has extensive experience tutoring students from elementary school to high school. Jason has also consulted college admissions applications for numerous successful applicants.

Alan J
Tutor & Consultant

Alan teaches Olympiad level inorganic and organic chemistry while researching a new model for the Alzheimer's brain towards the goal of enabling unique therapeutic treatments. Alan has a Neuroscience degree from Harvard University... and likes to watch cooking videos on YouTube and read in his spare time.


Who are the consultants and tutors?

Our tutoring is a group of college friends who love teaching. Our team consists mostly of Ivy League school graduates who are passionately about solving problems with their students.

We understand that applying to college and succeeding in academics can be confusing and challenging. We're here to alleviate that with simple solutions.

Why Zen Consulting instead of a typical test prep company or tutor service?

Good question! From our experience, we noticed that many popular tutor companies are out-of-date. What does that mean? They don't know what it's actually like applying to college in 2023. With our team consisting of recent college graduates, we have an extensive network (usually friends and family and so on) of current high schoolers, allowing us to be more in touch with working formulas for getting a good SAT/ACT score and getting into a great college.

Aside from that, we offer rocket-fast response times and pay our tutors fairly. We're striving to provide a great service and keep things a win-win situation for everyone.

How do I get started? What happens after I book a call?

Here is a breakdown of the onboarding process!
1. Student books a call.
2. In the call, we discuss what services the student is looking for and initialize a subscription plan.
3. That's it! After the call, we send a detailed email of EVERYTHING the student needs. This includes: a customizable dashboard to keep track of practice test scores, study materials, our contact information (messaging chat), and more. We will communicate through the messaging app to set a time that works for everyone.

How do I cancel a subscription?

Send us an email (include the Student's name) that you want to cancel. Done. It's extremely easy.

(We will also keep a record of the student's progress and dashboard data in case they want to subscribe again!)

Are there any refunds if I don't like the tutor service?

Due to the high quality nature of our tutoring and consulting programs, there will be no refunds issued.

Still have questions?

Let's talk! Feel free to shoot us an email or book a call.